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How To Help

The saying "It Takes A Village" applies directly to rescue organizations!  It takes a multitude of individuals committed to both small and large amounts of time to make this program run. 

Assisting as many as 2000 cats in a year through Rescue, Adoption, and Spay/Neuter is an enormous feat to accomplish.

We couldn't do it without our valued Volunteers and Donors!

Here are many ways in which you can help...


Cat Utopia is a non-profit organization.  All our efforts are funded by donations and grants.  We rely heavily on our supporters.  There are many programs you can donate to!!

The Donate Button Will ask Which Account You desire to Contribute Toward.

*Rescue Work

*Spay Neuter

*Adoption Program

*Emergency Vet Visits


Cat Utopia utilizes Volunteers in a variety of ways.  

Socializing Cats




Fundraising Events

Marketing/Social Media



Socializing Cats - We have multiple cats at the shelter in Pendleton that require a lot of one on one attention to prepare them for adoption.

Fostering - We are in need of homes to foster litter of kittens (some of which have a mom with them).  On occasion we have an older kitten needing additional one on one time in a foster setting.

Transport – We are always in need of individuals to assist transporting cats from one location to another.  We are happy to pay for fuel.  The most common routes are between Pendleton and Milton Freewater, Pendleton and Hermiston, and Pendleton and Portland.

Trapping - Our ongoing mission to spay and neuter the feral and stray cat population requires a lot of time trapping.  We need individuals to volunteeer in this category more than any other.  Even dropping off and picking up traps to locations is helpful

Fundraising – Periodically throughout the year, we hold fundraising events.  We are always in need of assistance and happy to have individuals wishing to host or organize an event for us.  New ideas are always welcome!

Marketing/Social Media – Since the organization is primarily volunteer based, any assistance in the realm of marketing or social media is greatly appreciated.  The organization benefits greatly from posts and news updates about its efforts.

Accounting – As the organization is mostly volunteer, we hope to one day find an individual who would like to do the accounting and tax returns for Cat Utopia.  It is not terribly time intensive, but once we open the spay/neuter clinic, it will include a bit more time. 

Contact Us at 541-278-1253 or 

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