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Cat Utopia & PAWS work jointly to provide transportation to Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinics.

PLEASE get your Animals Altered.

There is often Financial Assistance Available.


In-heat or Pregnant Cats.

Sign Up For A Clinic Today by Contacting 

PAWS AT 541-276-0181

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Pricing For Cats

Female           $55

Rabies Shot $10

Male               $45

Rabies Shot $10

Stray/Feral   $40


Ear Tip, RCP & Rabies Shot

*Often Grant $ Available to Assist

CLICK HERE For Info on our

Trap Neuter Return Program

for Feral Cats

"Spay It Forward"Program

Donate to Alter Pets in your community that are in need of being spayed or neutered !


Every Year Cat Utopia alters over 1000 cats in Eastern Oregon yet we are no where near the numbers we need to attain in order to reduce pet overpopulation.  By altering your animals, and encouraging neighbors to do the same, you can assist us in this daunting but achievable goal.  Please let us know if you have unaltered stray cats or dogs in your area as well.

Be sure to participate in our Spay It Forward Program to assist less fortunate individuals in affording to get their animals altered.  

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